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Authentic Italian Food & Wine

Terre d’Italia is a niche Italian wine shop and a unique entertainment space in the heart of St Helier at The Weighbridge.

Our selection promotes Italian native grapes and traditional regional food - all grown in a sustainable environment. The majority of producers presented in the shop are small but professional farmers working in an environmentally friendly organic way; in some cases, including biodynamic practices. A lot of research, technology, but also tradition is used to produce wine and food naturally rich in taste and flavours, as well as to reflect the qualities of their specific region.

As a complimentary part of the public programme, the shop’s library has a selection of cooking books, books about wine, social and art history, and travel guides. Everybody is welcomed to spend some time in the shop browsing through the selection to get some ideas for a dinner or for future trips to Italy.

Terre d’Italia offers a bespoke approach to private events allowing flexibility in a theme, style, and the budget.

Visit us to experience the true delights of Italian culture!

Aperitif Bar & Gastronomy

We are delighted to introduce our new project opened on Friday 1st November.

We are now selling wine by the glass and a selection of paired Italian-style small bites, cheese and salami. Each week we will cover a specific region.

To reserve your table, please, call us on +44 (0)1534 638908 or email:
or text us in Facebook or Instagram.

Festive Season at Terre d'Italia

Full of flavours, made with knowledge and care - our products are an excellent addition to any festive table!

Visit us to check the range of our elegant gift boxes and themed wine and food selections.

this month's region


This season we are introducing a diverse selection from Campania and Sicily. Both regions have a distinctive offer based on native varieties from rich but elegant reds to highly fragrant and mineral whites.

The red grape Aglianico from Campania, the land of Mount Vesuvius, is among Italian best grapes due to its unique taste and ability to produce superb wines of great longevity. It is very much underestimated and therefore very fairly priced.

We were delighted to supply the Aglianico based Carazita, 2015 from Tenuta Ponte for Jersey Style Awards this year.


This year we held a range of events dedicated to different regions and invited some guest speakers to lead our tastings.

At the end of November Mr. Marco Baldini from the Wine Lovers' Academy (Greve in Chianti, Tuscany) has presented two fascinating wine tasting events The Art of Taste: Tuscan Wines and Renaissance Art and a unique Sensory Wine Game. Marco has successfully visited us earlier this year and he will return back in 2020.

In 2020 our programme will be dedicated to the Southern Italy and will include more talks with guest speakers.

Keep an eye on our events at our Facebook page or by following the link below.

If you wish to book our guest speakers for a private party please contact us at or on +447733 529075.